Affordable-luxury service: CITIZEN M

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New generation of hotels: Self-service, high-tech and spaces designed for each need.

A low-cost hotel with high-end design. There’s no concierge, no room service, in one minute you check yourself in (you just stick your credit card into a kiosk in the lobby to get your key) and your invoice is automatically mailed to you after check-out.

The stylish, compact rooms are decked out with high-tech gadgetry and plush, king-size beds, and all the free on-demand movies, bottled water and Wi-Fi. Every room is exactly the same: same square footage, same-size window and same price. You control everything on a tablet (close the blinds, switch lights on and off, set the mood, temperature, cooler of the lights, etc).

Video from LondonBusinessSchool.


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